How long should my lessons be, and how often? 
Most students should take one 60 minute lesson every week; this allows plenty of time to drill the previous week’s assignments, and introduce new material. For younger (up to age 13 or so) beginners I recommend starting with weekly 30-minute lessons.

Advanced players have more leeway to do lessons every two weeks, but I prefer to meet weekly for at least the first month, to get acquainted and establish a body of assigned materials.


How much do you charge?
In 2020 my rates are $60/hour, or $35/30 minutes for lessons at my studio in the Kenton neighborhood, in North Portland. I will drive to your place in the Portland metro area for an additional $15 per lesson. I also teach lessons via Skype at my regular Portland studio rate.


What if I can’t afford those prices?
My rates are in the middle-range for top-quality pro teachers, but if you can’t afford to take the recommended 1-hour weekly lesson, you can save some money by taking weekly 30-minute lessons, or 1-hour lessons every two weeks. Another strategy is to take several lessons close together, as many times a year as your budget allows— it’s better to do them all together for a shorter time.


Do I need to own a drum set?
All you need to get started is a practice pad, some drum sticks, and a couple of books which I will assign you. But I do like to move students to the drum set earlier than most teachers, and it would be good to get one early on if that is the instrument you want to play. Student drum sets can be very affordable, and I can advise you on what to buy.

What are your policies on payment, missed lessons, etc?
See my policies page.


What should I bring to my lesson?
Just bring your sticks and books. If it’s your first lesson, bring whatever books you already own. If you don’t have anything yet, just come to your lesson and I’ll tell you what you need to buy.


How do I get to your studio?
We are quite conveniently located in North Portland, approximately 12 minutes from downtown when the traffic is with you. Here is our nearest intersection on Google Maps. There is easy access by I-5, N. Greeley, N. Columbia Blvd., N. Lombard St., and N. Interstate Ave.

For students coming via I-5N, I strongly recommend taking Greeley Ave. during peak traffic hours. If you’re coming from the west side, I suggest finding your way to Greeley via I-405N > Kirby exit— check your map. We are also less than a 10 minute walk from the Kenton/Denver Max stop, as well as the 4, 35, and 75 bus lines.

How much do I need to practice?

See my page on practicing for my advice/recommendations.

Hey, Mr. Bishop, just how good a drummer are you?

You can go to my audio downloads page and judge for yourself. I’ve mastered a large amount of very challenging material, and have 30 years of professional experience performing around the world, in a wide variety of musical settings. See About Todd for more info on me.