Here’s what a few of my students have to say about studying with me:

“I like studying with Todd because, he pushes you to succeed without pushing you too hard. Also if you’re in need of help with a beat or a song, he helps you even is it’s not one that he assigned you. He’s a really cool teacher!”
– Elijah, age 13

Likes drums, skateboarding, hanging out with friends; currently working on becoming a sponsored skateboarder.
Wildest musical dream: To be the drummer for Smashing Pumpkins.

 “Todd is really great. Having never played drums before, he’s got me up and running. The methods he uses to break down trouble areas really work and I find that these methods are infectious when (and if) I try practicing on my own. The classes are fun and the 90 minutes fly by. Also, it is fun to bounce off of other participants in the group (not literally).”
– Christy, age 36

Horticulturist for the State of Oregon.
Into Yoga and aikido. Likes “a bunch of normal art things”, paints her house endlessly and never finishes.
Wildest musical dream: “I pretty much just want to impress myself”, but not averse to becoming “a badass”.

 “I started participating in Todd’s “Pad Out!” group about a year ago when I
wanted to expand my sticking techniques and have seen a dramatic change in
my playing. I have recommended him to all of my friends who want to get into
– Luke, age 37

Drum instructor, touring musician, band leader.
Wildest musical dream: Wants to start a 60s garage rock band where all members dress like clowns.

 “Todd is easy to talk to and learn from. Its easier to learn when you feel at ease and not pressured. And he does that quite well.”
– Curtis, age 13

Enjoys soccer, hanging out, “random” activities.
Wildest musical dream: Become part of/start a SUCCESSFUL band.

 “I like learning from Todd because I feel like he knows what he’s talking about and more important, I see the direct results of his class in my playing. On top of that, he is a nice person and a good communicator so the class is always enjoyable.”
– Anna, age 31

Product designer/fine artist
Interests: music and humanitarian/responsible design; also likes writing and learning complicated skills like woodworking and TIG welding. Has exhibited furniture in Milan and has had a short story about her dog published in a collection of dog stories.
Wildest musical dream: “1) to be non-stop rockin til I die. 2) to be soulful enough to rock anyone else who has to hear me play. 3) to have a chance to play
with one of my many musical heroes.”