Here’s part 2 of my method for practicing 16th note fills using Syncopation. The goal is to practice reading interpretively, and also to give you a framework for working on the timing of your fills and kicks at different tempos. For example, if my fills aren’t sitting the way I want them on a certain piece of music, I may run these exercises with a metronome set to the tempo of the piece. This can also be good for fine-tuning your accuracy before recording.

Part 1 was easy enough to read straight through once you learned a few lines of it, but part 2 is much less cut and dried. There are a lot of situations that make it difficult to apply the system exactly, so you have to make some creative decisions as you read. Hopefully you will also feel comfortable enough with the framework to feel free to take a few liberties with the system.

Review part 1 before trying this, then practice each line individually, then try running through lines 1-15 without stopping.

Download the pdf.